About P.J. Fox

P.J. Fox is the author of the traditionally published novels: The Demon of Darkling Reach, The White Queen, The Black Prince: Part I, The Black Prince: Part II, The Price of Desire, A Dictionary of Fools, The Prince’s Slave, Book of Shadows, Prince of Darkness, Blood to Drink, and numerous other novels, novellas, short stories, and nonfiction works.  She’s published over a million and a half words so far, and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

In addition to being traditionally published, P.J. is also proud to have recently become a Wattpad Star.  This means that you can now help her pay her electric bill (and other bills) without spending a cent.  Just by being a beta reader for her latest books, as she writes them!  The magic, of course, is in the ads; P.J.’s Wattpad page is monetized, so every time an advertiser hawks their wares on the sidebar, and you show them some love, P.J. gets paid.  She asks for your support in helping her to keep her toddler in Goldfish, as well as helping her to write the best books possible.

She currently lives with her husband and aforementioned toddler in the wilds of greater Gloucester, where she sets many of her books.

You can reach her at pjfoxwrites [at] gmail [dot] com.