Holy shit, free books!

Is this possible?  Yes, it is!  How?  Through the magic of advertising.

You can buy all of P.J.’s books both online and in stores throughout the world.  And she hopes you do!  But you can also read her newest books, as she’s writing them, entirely for free.  How?  On Wattpad, the world’s largest (and best) online storytelling community.  Wattpad is free to sign up for and free to use, and allows you to read literally thousands of books—from those by emerging authors to classics like Pride and Prejudice.

Your feedback, as a beta reader, in invaluable.  You, with your questions, comments, and concerns can influence the future of the stories you love—and even determine whether there will be sequels!  But you have to act quickly; because these books, in their adaptable form, don’t live on Wattpad forever.  Once a book is polished, and perfected, and published, it leaves Wattpad and only an excerpt remains.  But the good news is that you can “try before you buy” with all of P.J.’s books, new and old, as well as keep up with the latest updates on what she’s trying next.