Where have I been the past few months?

In the hospital, and then at home, and then in the hospital again!  Hey, doesn’t that sound awesome?  This is probably why I’ve been so productive, writing: being too sick to get out of bed can leave you pretty bored.  But without going into the gory details, my hair situation has slowly morphed from Don Rickles into Don Knotts…and I might soon be entering Don Johnson territory.  I’m feeling a lot better, and a lot more up to the challenge of doing things like blogging.

I’ve been sick, some of you know, for awhile now.  This whole “writing full time” thing started, because I was sick.  Finally, the universe gave me the kick in the pants I needed!  But it looks like, fingers crossed, I might be–really–on the mend.  I’ve just published a book (Book of Shadows was released on September 6), just completed the manuscript for a different book (Dark Obsession, which is currently available on Wattpad and which will hit stores some time in the hopefully not too distant future), and am at the “I might start taking notes soon” stage with another.  I’ve also been painting, on the days I can both sit upright unaided and feel my hands.

You’re also probably noticing that I have a snazzy new website!  Isn’t it awesome?  I now have a separate announcements page, for those who’d rather not sift through my blog looking for info on when I’m finally going to start writing Predators in the Mist.  Which…more on that soon!

So…I hope to see a lot more of you, over the coming months.  To those of you who are new, hello!  To those of you who’ve migrated over from the old site, hello again!  And my apologies about having to subscribe, a second time.  If you’re missing the content from the old blog (and who wouldn’t?), remember, there’s a “best of” collection already available: I Look Like This Because I’m a Writer, available on Amazon and in bookstores worldwide (and also on Wattpad, natch).  Since my posts from here on out are going to be even more awesome, I anticipate a second volume coming very soon!

Please let me know what you’d like to see me write about.

I am, as always, taking questions (although not about my personal life).