What Is My Duty as an Author?

Stephen King observed years ago, and I'm paraphrasing here, that there are two kinds of writers: those who write for themselves, and those who write for an audience. He was of the opinion, and I'm of the opinion, that only the first group really counts. If you're a real writer, you never have to ask [...]

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Is Your Friend an Author?

If you're one of the several dozen people who's messaged me, specifically to tell me that you don't like my books, I probably don't like you. Not because you don't like my books, but because you're the kind of person who "gets to know" others by putting them down. You might not intend to hurt [...]

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Avoid Self Publishing Scams with this One Weird Trick

"We'll do what you can do for free! For the low, low price of ten thousand dollars!" That's the aptest summation I can think of, of the email I received last night. It purported, of course, to offer something incredible. A veritable treasure chest of thrills, chills...and apparently bankruptcy? But okay,  you say, what was the specific [...]

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Aspiring Writers: Stop This Immediately

This is important. Very, very important. Do not, and I repeat do not email, tweet, DM, Facebook message, or otherwise contact me asking for advice when you don't know who I am. And do not, and I repeat do not do this while also insulting me. Remember that old Yiddish proverb: don't waste your time trying [...]

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Don’t Hire Smith Publicity

This morning, I woke up to a new review on Fallen. Which is to be expected; Fallen just came out this week. Disappointingly, but not unusually, the book got two stars. Heck, I've had so-called "friends" leave me two and three star reviews. Most of whom, incidentally, are aspiring writers. No, what made this review special was [...]

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Putting a Price on Friendship

I'm not going to debate the efficacy of multi level marketing; if you're convinced that selling dildos (or overpriced Saran Wrap, or whatever) is going to make you a millionaire, then by all means continue on with your dream. What I am going to tell you is that using my friendship as a stepping stone on [...]

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On Friendship

Yesterday, my dog taught my son how to pop bubble wrap. My son was sad, because a package had come and that package wasn't for him. He wasn't expecting a present, nor was there anything he needed. He just wanted a certain excitement, and was let down. Now Thor, in response, didn't chide him for [...]

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What Is a Real Dominant?

What--and who--is a real dominant? I'll start by saying that I'm not one. This piece is written from the perspective of a submissive, one who's been loved and cherished by the same man for over a decade. We're married, and we have a wonderful son whom we both adore. My husband, who is also my strength [...]

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The Top 5 (Petty) Things That Jealous People Do

Writing. Sigh. For everyone out there doing it, there are a thousand more who want you to know that if they did it, they'd be the best. That they are, in fact, the most talented writer in the world. And they're going to prove it to you, by criticizing your work. Except, not in any [...]

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Creepy Marketing

So here's a conversation I had earlier this evening, on a Facebook page. A complete and total stranger approached me, identified that I was a writer, and asked for advice. I told him, as politely as I could, that I wasn't really interested. That turned into: Him: Maybe I can send a rough draft and you can [...]

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