Reasons to Join My Facebook Group

My books now have their own Facebook group. And you should totally join it. Why? Because the imaginatively titled P.J. Fox Books is a forum for discussing my books--those already in bookstores as well as [...]

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What’s Next?

So, Fallen is out. This, despite all the drama surrounding its release, makes me happy. It's lucky number thirteen, and I'm proud of it. But, like everyone else, I celebrate my big successes at work [...]

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The Witch King is on RADISH!

Have you heard of Radish?  It's awesome.  It's an app, which is free, that connects you to some of your favorite authors--and lets you preview their newest works!  Before anyone else!  Including, as of this morning, [...]

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PITM: Publication Date?

As of this writing, I'm about 1/5 of the way through writing Predators in the Mist.  Meaning that I'm about 27,000 words in and have another 108,000 or so to go.  How long will it [...]

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Predators in the Mist Cover and Blurb Reveal

  Reeling from the shock of the past few months, Aria is struggling to collect the pieces of her broken life and reclaim from them some kind of whole.  Meanwhile, even as the rubble left [...]

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House of Light and Shadow Fans: good news! I just, today, started writing Predators in the Mist.  Yes!  Really!  As for a release date, I can't even hope to answer that question right now.  Sometime [...]

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